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Will I Fail A Drugs Test After Taking CBD?

Will I fail a drugs test after taking CBD?

Here at Greenhouse Oils, we often get questions from people who are hesitant to begin taking CBD in fear of failing a drugs test. Whilst there are many great benefits of taking CBD, we don’t want people fearing they’ll lose their job by taking it.

In many work places drug testing is common and more employees than ever before are being subjected to drug screening. As we’re sure many of you know, drugs tests aren’t just for cannabis. They’re also there to detect things like cocaine, opioids, amphetamines and more. Depending on the substance, detection through a drugs test can be possible from a few hours to weeks later.

It’s important to feel confident with the company you are buying your CBD products from, including understanding the potency and safety of the products.

So, here’s the facts:

CBD is a cannabis compound that doesn’t make you ‘stoned’ or ‘high’. When it comes to cannabis, drugs tests pick up THC (the compound that does make you high). Most hemp oil or CBD products are sold with only trace levels of THC, so most consumers shouldn’t have a problem passing a drugs test.

Remember, CBD isn’t even being tested for and most work places aren’t going to have a problem with you using it as it is non-psychoactive.

All of this said, it is not common for CBD users to turn out a positive drug test for THC. Yet, sometimes when people are new to consuming full spectrum CBD, it can trigger what is known as a false positive.

It is also important to note that CBD was found to interact with the body’s metabolism of certain compounds. What this means is that CBD users who also use cannabis may actually show higher levels of THC for a longer period of time than when using cannabis alone.

Another example we can give to reiterate this is poppy seeds. Whilst poppy seeds don’t actually contain morphine, the seeds can become coated by, or absorb opium extract during harvesting. Research shows that morphine and codeine can sometimes be detected in the urine up to 48 hours after ingestion of poppy seeds from some pastries, such as bagels, muffins, and cakes.

To summarise, although consumers shouldn’t have a problem passing a drugs test, consumers that take full spectrum CBD products may fail a urine test for traces of THC. However, further testing such as a blood test, will show that the levels of THC from a full spectrum CBD product are non- psychoactive.

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